• Objective

  • Browns Proofing Systems has a long history within the waterproofing industry which began in 1998. The company continued to grow building a very strong relationship with clients, companies, associations and suppliers.

    Our team is focused on continuously improving the value of Browns Proofing Systems by implementing the best products, insuring the highest quality and providing unequalled customer service in the market.

    As our Company is recognized and duly approved of all the Accepted locally manufactured Product, as well as certain other overseas sourced product, each contract undertaken, whether large or small will have the best suited application and quality of product.

    Therefore each contract completed will carry our own as well as the manufacturer's certified guarantee. Most, if not all various scopes of application have been previously successfully undertaken, however should a prospective or existing client have preference over any application not regularly undertaken by ourselves; consideration will be given to their choice
  • Corporation's Vision And Commitments

  • As with most successful organizations, we have a vision. Ours is to strive to be one of the most reputable Waterproofing Companies in Gauteng.

    In order to achieve the above and in search of excellence, the following is our commitments to all participating stake holders.

    We at Browns Proofing Systems CC:

    • Strive to maintain the highest code of Ethics, Integrity, Loyalty and Care possible.
    • Ensure that, where ever possible the quality of the product or the application thereof be rendered efficiently and timeously,
    • Encourage an environment for the entrepreneurial participation for equal opportunity
    • Manage all our resources to achieve long term success and stability.
    • Build relationships that are meaningful and lasting.
    • When necessary, provide a consultancy service at no extra cost.
    • Maintain a structure that will make communications effective.
  • Browns Proofing Systems Bee Policies & Strategies

  • Browns Proofing Systems BEE policies and strategies are developed to ensure that measurable progress is made towards genuine black economic empowerment. Being a proud Level 1 B-BEE company we set curtain goals for the future.

    Our approach to BEE

    Browns Proofing Systems approach is broad-based and holistic and aims to embed BEE as a way of working across all areas of activity. The approach is collaborative and the business works together with franchise partners, suppliers and the public sector, including government.

    Specific BEE initiatives

    Our journey sets out a plan of action for the next five years. These are the BEE priorities identified as part of this journey.
    • Our main goal will be to employ and skill training of black woman within the scope of our business – (waterproofing, painting, ceilings and dry waling).
    • To make preferential procurement a priority – We are committed to BEE supplier partners.
    • To support enterprise development and to work with potential BEE suppliers to help their businesses grow.
    • To meet employment equity targets and, where there is a skills shortage at senior leadership level, create a skills pipeline to provide the necessary momentum for change.
    • Browns Proofing Systems CC is a LEVEL 1 B-BBEE CONTRIBUTOR with 100% BLACK WOMAN OWNERSHIP



Interim Approved Derbigum Contractor



Full Member of the Damp-proofing & Waterproofing Association of Southern Africa



Recommend Browns Proofing Systems as a reliable Contractor and expers in their field



Acknowledges Browns Proofing Systems as their preferred waterproofing supplier since 2010


STT Sales Pty Ltd

Cerified Browns Proofing Systems as an approved applicator


Browns Proofing Systems

Our team is focused on continuously improving the value of Browns Proofing Systems by implementing the best products, insuring the highest quality and providing unequalled customer service in the market.

Roof Maintenance and Insurance Claims

It is critical that you maintain your roof. If you see any signs of leaking, like dark spots on the ceiling, or mold or dampness, take action immediately. Roof leaks get worse, not better, and it's better to spend a few Rand on roof maintenance rather than a lot on a big repair and a declined insurance claim. Browns Proofing Systems will assit you with roof maintenance, water and damp proofing and issue you with a report for your insurance company.


Roof Slabs

We offer our standard Ten Year Guarantee on all exposed areas, subject to a 2 ½ year maintenance.


We offer our standard Five Year Guarantee on all covered areas, subject to a 72 hour water test completed.

Construction and Repairs due to water or storm damage

Guarantee depends on the type of work undertaken.